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Why I became a psychotherapist:

After studying Business and Languages in France, England, and Brazil, in my first career I worked for transnational corporations as a business administrator. As I advanced in the field and was given more and more responsibilities, ethical issues began to put in question the alignment between my beliefs/values and my behaviors. Those events led me to re-evaluate my very identity as a human being and forced me to make radical decisions in my life. In the following years I went through a quest trying to understand and integrate what had happened to me, a quest that was greatly helped by Integral Theory and Transpersonal Psychology. 

My gratitude towards the work that helped me find these answers is what has made me decide to stay in the Bay Area wanting to share with others what I have discovered, learned, and integrated in my life!

How I work:

Compassion, curiosity, and unconditional acceptance have been the very experiences that affected me most deeply in therapy. It is this I constantly strive to provide to you. Within this context, there is room to uncover and explore your needs and wants, hopes and dreams, capabilities and skills, values and beliefs, identity and purpose - all the pieces of you that have been and still are available, although it may have become a challenge to access or remember them.

What I Believe in:

As we journey through life and relationships, both pleasurable and painful moments become embedded in our memories, in our bodies, leading to adapting behaviors and habits that help us survive. Therapy is about contextualizing these moments and understanding that we are always doing the best we can with what we have. In the presence of compassion and acceptance I invite you to the adventure back to feeling whole again.

I also speak Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Psychotherapist at Axis Mundi Center For mental health

Licensed MFT 109994

We were all born fast learners and I will strive to help you reconnect with all the resources and capacities that you have forgotten you have. All I ask of you is to be open and curious with me, so that together we can find your way back to the safe, secure, resourceful place that you have inside of you.

Paulo Rebello is a Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern.
His work and style are strongly influenced by Integral Theory, Mindfulness, Attachment Theory, Mind-Body Integration, Collaborative Couple Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Systems Theory, And neurolinguistics. 
He enjoys working with clients and couples of any orientation, and specializes in issues of culture diversity, sexuality, addiction, depression and anxiety, intimacy and issues of challenge in relationships, including LGBTQ specific concerns. Paulo's clients are invited to explore in therapy what new types of relationship experiences might be available to them.