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Counseling in San Francisco Bay Area

Individual Therapy

As your therapist, using mindfulness and a caring presence, I will accompany you on the road to self-awareness, supporting you in understanding why you should be proud of your behaviors: they helped you come this far!

We will not seek to get rid of past behaviors, so much as we will seek to expand your perception of them. We will explore how you can see your life through different, enriching perspectives to include multiple ways of being in relationship and acting in the world in a more satisfying way for you.

It’s about empowering you with the ability to choose what you want to live!

Couples Therapy

I have seen this evidence too many times to ignore it: many of us feel attracted to people that have the most potential to deeply hurt us. They challenge us in ways we didn't even know possible, which can lead us to states of helplessness and sometimes hopelessness.
As a strong believer in Human Consciousness as a self-healing system I can clearly see that in these moments we are giving ourselves another chance to heal from primary attachment wounds. We are in search of opportunities to learn to be in relationship, generally by having to reclaim our voices, our wants, our needs, and standing up for them, standing up for ourselves.
Come learn how to do that in a loving, connecting, intimate way!

Family Therapy

Families are complex systems, sometimes representing a significant challenge to their members, as they need to navigate their various roles and triangulations as spouses, parents, children, siblings, etc.. It becomes easy to get lost in these dynamics and as your therapist I am committed to help each of you to become aware of these roles and support you in finding out how to best navigate them.
As an integrative psychotherapist I will invite you to perceive how you are influenced by your own personal experience, by the changes in your body and physiology, by your family of origin's culture and norms, and by the institutions that govern your life in society. I will help you understand how expectations coming from these different areas of your life might be keeping you from being able to have a more satisfying family life.

Group Therapy - Growing in Intimacy

Group therapy can offer an exciting opportunity to use the power of interpersonal relationships in service of healing recurring wounds around intimacy.
​The group seeks to create and maintain a safe space to explore these topics together. There is a focus on gaining self awareness through “here and now” explorations and the cultivation of curiosity, acceptance, and respect for self and others.
Members are constantly invited to learn about: How your old wounds are connected to your current patterns and behaviors; ​What your wants & needs are and how to communicate them more effectively; Better understand sexual & cultural diversity and how important a role this understanding plays in your relationships; The latest findings in what works and what doesn’t in the building of satisfying relationships.
I also speak Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Psychotherapist at Axis Mundi Center For mental health

Licensed MFT 109994